Table of Contents

Pre-peer review draft. Publication pending.

Writing Worfklows:
Beyond Word Processing

Acknowledgments and Credits


Here we will thank our participants and the people who read early drafts of this project.

Project Source

We have shared this Github repo (forthcoming) so that you can download this book and read and build from its source. We spent a great deal of time making sure that Writing Workflows is accessible, readable, and responsive, and we hope that the source files for this book can offer a model for those interested in composing digital scholarship.

Image & Video credits

Unless otherwise noted above or in text, all screen captures were composed by us.

Web technologies

We thank the developers of the following web technologies used in Writing Workflows:

  • Foundation, which gave us a responsive, grid-based design framework
  • Bigfoot JS, which modernized our footnotes
  • Prism.js, which made our code samples much easier to read
  • Smartquotes, which improved our typography and saved us many tedious hours
  • Soundcite, which is a wonderful media technology from the Knight Lab
  • FontAwesome, which gave us many handy icons